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Welcome to our unique approach to landscaping, where my passion as a biologist and a mom intertwines with our commitment to enhancing natural landscapes. At Sustain With Me Landscapes, we're dedicated to creating outdoor spaces that are not only visually stunning but also environmentally sustainable and deeply connected to their natural surroundings. Each design is crafted to reflect the unique needs and dreams of our clients while fostering ecological balance and supporting local wildlife. Join us as we transform ordinary spaces into extraordinary ecosystems, nurturing landscapes that respect and enhance the beauty of nature, creating a sustainable legacy for generations to come.

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"Amelia did a wonderfully thorough analysis of my yard, and what would grow where. She listened to me, and did a phenomenal job of mapping out when I should plant things, and created a template that would give us edible plants to have something to pick year round. She designed a sustainable system, and he expertise is worth its weight in gold. I am very happy to have found Amelia, and plan to hire her for further horticultural advice as we create an edible landscape throughout the year.

Robin W. Oakland, CA

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